Web Components & Stencil.js - Build Custom HTML Elements

Web Components & Stencil.js – Build Custom HTML Elements

A Complete Introduction to building Custom HTML Elements/ Web Components with and without StencilJS

Created by Maximilian Schwarzm├╝ller | 8.5 hours on-demand video

Without frameworks like Angular, libraries like React or expert JavaScript knowledge in general. Just with a magic, native-JavaScript feature called “Web Components” (or “custom HTML elements”).

Web Components are a combination of various specifications that are baked into the browser. Getting started with these features is a breeze and you’ll quickly be able to build your own powerful and re-usable (even across projects!) custom HTML elements. Such custom elements don’t replace Angular, React or Vue though – instead you can easily use them in ANY web project, including projects using such frameworks and libraries.

In detail, in this course you will learn:

  • how to build re-usable, lightweight custom HTML elements with native browser features
  • how to build web components of all complexities – from a simple tooltip to modals or side drawers
  • how to pass data into your own web components and use it there
  • how to emit your own custom events which you can listen to in JavaScript
  • how to use the Shadow DOM to scope your CSS styles to your custom elements
  • how to use Stencil.js to get a much easier development workflow
  • how to use the many features Stencil.js provides to build native web components way more efficiently
  • how to deploy/ re-use your own web components in ANY project using ANY JavaScript framework like Angular, React or Vue (or none at all!)

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