Visual Design for Web Designers, UI Designers & Developers

Visual Design for Web Designers, UI Designers & Developers

Improve your ugly UI designs to awesome level by mastering Design Theory, Design principles and Secret Techniques

Created by Muhammad Ahsan Pervaiz | 4.5 hours on-demand video

This Course is focused on Graphic Design and Design process to help you upgrade your Designs and learn how to even start your designs. If you have missed Design Theory in your college and you want to design awesome looking Website Design or Mobile Apps then this course is for you

NEW THINGS you will learn in this Course are

  1. Purpose of every Design
  2. Stealing Design Ideas
  3. Learn Design Theory from UI Design perspective
  4. Don’t Depend on Design Tools
  5. Methods of Generating Ideas
  6. Using Line, Shapes, Colors and Typeface
  7. Block Design Technique
  8. Scale of Importance
  9. Using Contrast in Design
  10. Proximity in Design
  11. Alignment in Design

What you’ll learn

  • Learn secret process of Design for Non-Designers
  • Apply Visual Design Principles accurately to enhance your Web Design and UI Design
  • Upgrade your Designs to awesome level by mastering Visual Design Principles
  • Stop creating Ugly Designs by learning the step by step process to create a sleek design
  • Start Designing with Purpose
  • See and learn from tons of Design examples

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