The Easy Way To Build An Affiliate Website Using WordPress

The Easy Way To Build An Affiliate Website Using WordPress, This is a Beginner’s course on setting up WordPress, uploading a theme like Product Hunt and adding affiliate products.

Are you looking for a quick course on getting started with WordPress, uploading a theme and selling affiliate products?

Within this course, we’ll look at how to purchase a unique theme that allows you to:

  • Add products to categories
  • Have visitors suggest their own products (optional)
  • Insert affiliate links to external products
  • Display the views on listings to build social proof
  • Allow people to upvote the products they love (like Product Hunt)

The upfront cost for the domain name, theme and hosting recommended in the course is around $150 and the ongoing yearly cost is around $100. To keep it simple, the course recommends using Namecheap but feel free to use your current host or any of the other hosting companies available.

Udemy Course Info:

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