The Complete GameMaker Studio 2 Game Development Course

The Complete GameMaker Studio 2 Game Development Course

Learn game making with GameMaker Studio 2 – No coding experience required!

Created by Aaron Craig | 7 hours on-demand video

This course will walk you through the basics of game development, game design, programming fundamentals, and more. GameMaker Studio 2 is an awesome engine for creating 2D and 3D games with ease. Throughout this course, you’ll learn to use Sprites, create Objects, change Rooms, and create your own Scripts. We’ll go step by step, explaining everything along the way.

The best part is that, by the end, you’ll be ready to create your own games, or branch into software development in general. You’ll learn real coding, terminology, logic, and more that will help you be a great programmer and game designer.

What you’ll learn

  • Code your own video games
  • Think like a programmer
  • Use GameMaker Studio 2 like a pro
  • Animate sprites
  • Add music and sound FX
  • Transition between different game levels
  • Create a menu

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