Reactive Programming in iOS with RxSwift

Reactive Programming in iOS with RxSwift

Learn how to use Reactive Extensions for Swift and Cocoa Touch

Created by Scott Gardner | 3.5 hours on-demand video

Developing a great app these days requires writing code that can simultaneously handle user interactions, perform network operations, manage data, present dynamic content, and more. That means writing a lot of asynchronous and concurrent code, which can be difficult to get right, and even harder to maintain. That’s where Reactive Programming, and specifically, Reactive Extensions, comes in. Reactive Extensions for Swift and iOS enable writing asynchronous and concurrent code that is succinct, easy to follow, and flexible.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the fundamentals of reactive programming and reactive extensions
  • Use marble diagrams to explore RxSwift operators
  • Create and subscribe to observable sequences
  • Work with subjects
  • Work with traits
  • Transform, filter, and combine observable sequences
  • Perform side effects in an observable chain
  • Understand and use schedulers to manage concurrency
  • Bind user interface elements
  • Bind data to and from user interface elements
  • Bind table and collection views
  • Use forward delegates to mix Rx and traditional code
  • Debug Rx code with debug and total
  • Handle errors
  • Write unit tests against Rx code
  • Perform networking operations

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