React Hooks Tutorial - Master React Hooks Development

React Hooks Tutorial – Master React Hooks Development

Master React Hooks the right way. Learn what they are, how they work under the hood, and why they’re so revolutionary!

Created by David Joseph Katz | 5 hours on-demand video

React hooks are the largest update to React since its inception. Hooks are a way for function components to “hook” into React functionality. Previously, when you wanted React components to have state or side effects, you needed to extend the base React Component class. Now, function components need only to apply a hook to gain this functionality.As a web and React developer, and software engineer, you should definitely care about React hooks. This feature is the future of React. Since the feature is still so new, learning React hooks will set you apart as a web developer and engineer.

What you’ll learn

  • How to code with React hooks: useState, useEffect, useReducer, useContext, and more.
  • An understanding of why React hooks were introduced.
  • A knowledge of how React hooks works under the hood at the React engine and runtime layer.
  • A grasp of how React hooks fits the mental model of React better than other patterns.
  • How to set up data fetching with the React hooks pattern.
  • How to build complete React applications using hooks.

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