Python Programming for Network Engineers: Cisco, Netmiko ++

Python Programming for Network Engineers: Cisco, Netmiko ++

Network Programmability and Network Automation using GNS3 and Python for Cisco engineers: Telnet, SSH, Paramiko, Netmiko

Created by David Bombal, Experts with David Bombal | 5 hours on-demand video

This course is practical. I won’t talk about programming in abstract terms and make you wait before you can start automating networks. I will show you how you can quickly and easily start network programming by using GNS3, Cisco IOS and Python.

You will see demonstrations of the configuration of both Cisco routers and switches in GNS3. For example, how to configure multiple VLANs on a multiple switches, or how to configure OSPF on a router and more.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn network programmability with GNS3 and Python
  • Learn how to automate the configuration of network devices with Python

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Python Network Programming for Network Engineers (Python 3)

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