Outsourcing: Save Time with Inexpensive Professionals

Outsourcing: Save Time with Inexpensive Professionals, Outsource to a virtual assistant today! Freelance workers are everywhere with skills you don’t have. Save time today!

Created by Zach Miller

What Will I Learn?

  • You’ll know how to start outsourcing RIGHT NOW – even if you’re brand new
  • You’ll know how to properly hire from different platforms
  • You’ll know how to manage your VAs and Outsourcers work
  • You’ll know how to pay either hourly or flat rates – depending on the job done
  • You’ll know how to hire professional VAs to do your work
  • You’ll know how to get the best worker out of a group of 3-5 qualified individuals
  • You’ll know how to have efficient 5 minute interviews with your potential workers
  • You’ll know common pay rates
  • You’ll know the schedule and time it’ll take (on average) to hire an employee
  • You’ll know how to collaborate with your workers


Running a business can be absolutely exhausting. There’s 101 “hats” that you have to wear each day to get a business running. And whether you’re seasoned or just starting out, someone helping you with your tasks can save A LOT OF TIME!

Even if you just want to launch your website, there’s a lot of steps and work necessary to get it going. First, you’ve got to buy a domain, then setup the hosting, get it designed, have compelling sales copy on it, figure out what content to post, how often to post, write the content, then you have to get visitors to the website!

And that’s just for ONE thing! Now think about all the other tasks you have to do in your business

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