Mastering Hyperledger Chaincode Development using GoLang

Mastering Hyperledger Chaincode Development using GoLang

Learn to use GoLang Chaincode API and Fabric Node SDK to design and develop Fabric applications from end-to-end

Created by Rajeev Sakhuja | 8.5 hours on-demand video

Developers face many challenges when it comes to developing Hyperledger Fabric Chaincode.

  • Lack of documentation from developer’s perspective
  • Need to setup the Fabric development environment
  • Non-availability of development tools | standard practices
  • No comprehensive guide on how to productively develop chaincode

What you’ll learn

  • Chaincode development using GoLang
  • Application Development using Fabric Node SDK
  • Use of Private Data
  • Use of Instantiation & Endorsement policies
  • Building support for Rich Queries & Asset History
  • Building Programmatic access control with “Client Identity Library”
  • Testing tools for Chaincode such as Golang Testing framework & MockStub

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