Master SVG animation using HTML & CSS - Design 2D Graphics.

Master SVG animation using HTML & CSS – Design 2D Graphics.

“Learn to design attractive high resolution images, logos, and screensavers using SVG animation and become a design pro!

Created by Kunal Asudani | 6 hours on-demand video

Only SVG course which will start your training with the basics and then using the basics you will learn the designing of amazing 2D Vector Graphics and different Shapes and Logos for your website using the combination of HTML , CSS and SVG. This course will start your journey from scratch and at the end of it you will be a SVG GURU.

Topics which are covered in the course are as follows:

  1. Introduction to SVG
  2. Understanding the Syntax.
  3. Designing the Basic Shapes (Rectangle , Circle , Line , Polygon , Polyline , Ellipse)
  4. Adding TEXT to your SVG
  5. Concept of STROKE in SVG..
  6. Important ELEMENTS in SVG
  7. Clipping and Masking in SVG.
  8. Using Javascript in SVG
  9. Applying Filters to Images.
  10. Concept of Gradients in SVG.
  11. Understanding the Animation.
  12. The concept of Transformation.
  13. Designing Logos and Complex animation.

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