Learn Spring & Spring Boot – 10x Productive Java Development

Learn Spring & Spring Boot – 10x Productive Java Development

Spring Boot is highly in-demand and ultimate way to develop Java applications. Start developing your apps right now!

Created by Niyazi Erdogan | 9.5 hours on-demand video

List of technologies we will cover in this course is huge. Covering everything with Spring technology stack, to combine all the technologies we learned, we will buid a full-featured, production-grade Spring MVC CRUD application where we will use Spring Data, Spring REST, Spring MVC, Thymeleaf, HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap! So we will also get a taste of UI and Front-End development too with Spring!

What you’ll learn

  • Ways to get up and running with Spring Boot
  • Understand how Spring and Spring Boot works
  • Work with Spring Profiles and Spring Configuration
  • Develop Spring MVC Application from scratch
  • Connect to databases with Spring Data and JPA
  • Create repositories and manage entities
  • Develop a full-fledged RESTful API
  • Understand HTTP Request and Response lifecycles
  • Work with REST Template, Neflix Feign Client and Eureka Server
  • Develop a full-featured Spring MVC CRUD application with latest technologies
  • See changes instanlty with Spring Dev Tools and LiveReload
  • Document your RESTful API with Swagger
  • Schedule actions and events with Spring Scheduler
  • Template and send emails with Thymeleaf and Spring Mail

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