Cost Accounting: Introduction to Management Accounting

Cost Accounting: Introduction to Management Accounting

Learn Cost Accounting for Management. Includes Process Costing, ABC Systems, Variance Analysis, Cash Budgets and more.

Created by David Burrell | 7.5 hours on-demand video

Welcome to the Management Accounting Crash Course, which will provide you with 46 video lessons that span over 7 hours of content (including quizzes to help test your knowledge). Follow along as I explain the basics and fundamental concepts like cost drivers, the cost function, break-even points, journal entries, joint costing, budgets and more!

Managerial Accounting is the study of internal financial information that can influence decision-making. It’s the follow up course to Financial Accounting, that can prove to be more difficult for students. We designed the course to act as a perfect supplement for those taking Managerial/Management Accounting in University or College. We’ll walk you through the theory, providing examples and questions that will keep you engaged.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand Cost Drivers and Cost Driver Activity.
  • Define Fixed and Variable Costs and Create Cost Functions.
  • Use Regression Analysis using the Least Squares Method.
  • Apply Activity Based Costing to Product Costs.
  • Allocate Support Department Costs using the Direct, Step-Down and Reciprocal Method.
  • Apply Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis (Break-Even Points)
  • Use Variance Analysis to Determine Labor and Material Variances.
  • Create Cash Budgets.
  • Prepare Production Reports

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