Complete Game Character Workflow Series 01 Modeling

Complete Game Character Workflow Series 01 Modeling

Make morden nextgen characters with zbrush, mari, maya and substance

Created by Ambience Lee | 41 hours on-demand video

This course covers a complete solution for game character modeling, from sculpting to topology, uv, and baking. the course will also introduce solution for hair cards, simulate cloth, and other technically challenging issues that happens in a production of a serious character for game, it is designed to walk the student through the entire workflow, and prepare them to be ready for making game engine ready characters.

What you’ll learn

  • Master the Knowledge and Skill to Create Game Characters.
  • Understanding Human Body Anatomy and Porportion.
  • Understanding Human Topology.
  • Master ZBrush Sculpting Tools.
  • Master ZBrush HardSurface Tools.
  • Master Maya Retopology and UV Tools
  • Master Marvelous Designer Garment Creation Techniques
  • Gain Basic Understanding of Substance Designer

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