REST API Testing Automation: via REST Assured

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API Automation Testing via Rest Assured Java, Automation Testing Framework, API Testing via POSTMAN

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REST API Testing Automation: via REST Assured. We start from Beginners level and go through Advanced FRAMEWORK level. This is a single course for everything you need to know related to Rest API Manual testing and Automation.

Topic Includes:

  • What is API and WebServices
  • REST and SOAP Base API Testing
  • REST API Basics and Terminology
  • Getting started with REST API Testing
  • Client-Server Architecture
  • HTTP Protocol
  • REST API Requests and Response
  • REST API Testing using POSTMAN
  • JSON/XML Parsers
  • TestNG Automation Framework for REST Testing
  • Core Java Concepts for F/W implementation
  • API Automations
  • REST API Java Framework Design and Implementation
  • REST API Framework CI with Jenkins, GIT
  • Play Around JSON
  • JSON with Jackson Library
  • Supplement Tutorials and Resources
  • API Automation Tips & Tricks and Interview Material

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